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The NYPD Want's You

If you are interested in an exciting roleplay career in law enforcement, the New York Police Department (NYPD) offers a wide variety of opportunities. The NYPD has many positions to choose from, in a wide range of roleplay career fields, to match your individual interests and qualifications. There are also numerous opportunities for career advancement, and professional growth and development. The vision of the NYPD Clan is to provide everyone a fun and safe place to roleplay. Its mission is to protect the community through prevention, partnership and professional service.


Patrol Division handles 911 calls, people who pass their probationary period start here. Traffic Bureau Unit is responsible for the administration and enforcement of traffic regulations and ordinances governed by the City of New York City. Emergency Operations Bureau deals with calls relating to crises (SWAT). Investigative Service Unit deals with investigating cases that arise and in-game detective work. Search and Rescue were the unit is needed to find a individual and rescue them from harms way. Fire Department and Medical Services will deal with 911 calls and responding to request from officers as needed.


All training is provided weather or not you are experienced or not. Our specialist Academy will help you get through the early stages of the NYPD clan. From there after completing basic training, each division has it's own training that is required to join that will be given by instructors

If you have previous law enforcement experience we will let you skip certain things, but you are required to do an interview

How Do I Join?

We do ask that applicants are over 16,

Have a legitimate copy of GTA IV (PC) (no torrents or cracks)

Fluent in English

Working microphone and have access to TeamSpeak 3

Please keep in mind that this clan operates on the PC version of GTA IV, and will be operating on GTA V as well 

(when it becomes operable on the PC) 

As long as you meet these requirements above you can apply!

Required Mods

There a few mods that we will require you to have. If you require help to have these installed we will be willing to help you

LCPDFR First Response 1.0

Dispatch Assistance System


NYPD Clan Pack - Provided When You Join
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